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    These soccer jerseys are 100% polyester. It is very soft and has a little bit of flexibility but is not overly stretchy like some shirts. It is a slim fit such that a size M looks good on this 150 lb 6′ frame. It is not skin-tight. When first putting it on, what immediately stood out to me was how light it was. The material is very thin, so thin that I expected it to be partially transparent, but this one is not (the neon green color). It feels good to wear because of its lightness and softness.

    During i am in soccer match, germany kit it wicked away sweat well. The shirt does absorb a little bit of sweat but it never felt like a soaking towel against my body like some shirts — just damp. And it stayed light, even when wet. When I got home and tried to wring it out, only a few drops came out — when I do that with some of my other running shirts, it’s like dumping out a cup of water.

    With my mileage, I’ve had an issue with nipple chafing, but this shirt didn’t aggravate that issue.

    For a shirt of this quality from Nike, I would expect to pay $69-89. As a matter of fact, I have similar shirts from Nike, and that is what I paid for them. In other words, this is a steal and I’m happy with this purchase so far. If it survives a few wash cycles without falling apart, I’ll buy some more.

    Note: On the care instructions tag, it says not to put it in the dryer. I’m not sure why, and I’ve never seen that in a running shirt before. It is kind of inconvenient, so I thought it might be important to mention.

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